Tentech Inc. Showcases Their 4 New Devices at 2024 KIMES for The First Time.

Tentech Inc. has announced it is going to participate in the upcoming 2024 KIMES (Korea International & Hospital Equipment Show) held at booth A510 at Seoul COEX from March 14 to 17. Tentech Inc. will showcase their 4 new devices: 10TRIPLE, 10REVIV, 10THUL, 10MATRIX.

10TRIPLE, the enhanced version of 10THERA’s ‘Double Line HIFU’, is a high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment device equipped with four arms. This innovative device integrates Triple Line HIFU, Triple Dot HIFU, and Single Dot HIFU technologies. Unlike traditional HIFU devices that offer only one-line treatment, 10TRIPLE provides a three-line treatment approach, allowing for a significant reduction (about Triple Times) in procedure time. This advancement enables practitioners to deliver efficient and effective treatments, enhancing patient satisfaction and optimizing workflow.

10REVIV is Micro Needle RF device equipped with a spray cooling system. It effectively targets freckles, wrinkles, pores during treatments. Unlike many existing Micro Needle RF devices that lack a cooling system or utilize contact cooling systems, 10REVIV’s spray cooling system has been praised by experts for reducing treatment-related discomfort.

10THUL is diode laser used Thulium wavelengths. Recently, thulium laser industry has been gaining attention, but their high cost had made adoption difficult. Tentech Inc’s strategy is to adjust the reasonable price of 10THUL to facilitate mass sales. With the global demand for thulium lasers increasing, it is anticipated that exports will also rise with this release.

10MATRIX, 10PL’s new version, has 6 wavelengths IPL device: 415nm, 530nm, 570nm, 590nm, 700nm, 830nm. As a fractional IPL device, it is evaluated that the risk of burns is reduced. Additionally, the ability to rotate wavelengths has enabled dermatologists to select wavelengths tailored to specific treatment areas, thus enhancing convenience. In addition, LIPOTHERA, another HIFU device that produces 5 dots at the same time, is also emerging as a new alternative for body line management.

Tentech Inc. achieved sales revenue of approximately 1.261 Million USD (equivalent to 16,800,000,000 WON, with an exchange rate of 1 USD = 1,331 WON) in 2023. This sales revenue was led by sales of REGEVAN PN (PN Skin booster) and hitting 700 units of 10THERMA. Especially, 10THERMA has hit record of 700 units in just 14 months after its launch. We aimed to export 150 units to Taiwan, 100 units to the USA, 100 units to Southeast Asia, 50 units to Brazil, and 50 units to the Middle East.

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