Tentech Inc. Showcases Inovative Technologies at KIMES 2024

Tentech Inc. has announced it is going to participate in the upcoming 39th KIMES (Korea International & Hospital Equipment Show) held at Seoul COEX from March 14 to 17.
Tentech Inc., Established in 2014, is global aesthetic medical equipment company that provides innovative technology and premium skin tightening solution. The company is headquartered in Gangnam South Korea and branched in Japan and China.


Tentech Inc. is going to showcase their main products: 400W monopolar Radio Frequency device ‘10THERMA’, HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) treatment device ‘10THERA’.
10THERMA delivers heat energy waves to the dermis, and this RF energy penetrates deeply into the tissues, affecting a larger area beyond the immediate treatment site. As a result, 10THERMA skin tightening can contribute to the reproduction of collagen, increasing elasticity, and reducing wrinkles. 10THERMA has 3 outstanding advantages: bigger tips, the impedance matching system, and the S.T.C system. At the first, The face tip and the body tip (5㎠ and 20㎠) of 10THERMA is bigger than other RF devices. It can deliver about 20% more energy to the skin. Secondly, the impedance matching technology helps adjust precise targeted energy for the individual. Finally, the S.T.C system use “7 times cooling gas (equipped with HFO gas called the ecofriendly 4th generation gas) every 1 shot to cool down the heated temperature of the epidermis. It allows to reduce pain while operation is going on.
Since the launch of 10THERMA in October 2022, 10THERMA sales have exceeded 600 units and secured U.S. FDA approval of 10THERMA in 2023.

Another main device 10THERA, Double line irradiating, is HIFU(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatment device for skin tightening. HIFU treatment makes SMAS(Superficial muscular aponeurotic system) layer deliver high heat and create collagen. 10THERA’s only 1 shot is twice as effective as other HIFU devices. 10THERA’s Domestic Sales Hit Record over 400 Units since Release on last September.
Both skin tightening (10THERMA and 10THERA) uses in a non-surgical method so this has no downtime and less pain. A combination of 10THERMA skin tightening and 10THERA skin tightening can simultaneously enhance both superficial (10THERA) and deep (10THERMA) tissue elasticity.
Meanwhile, REGEVAN PN (Polynucleotides), injectable Product of Tentech Inc., is to temporarily improve facial wrinkles on adults. REGEVAN PN, on sterilization of single-use medical device, is packed with 2 syringes(1ML) per box. Since the release of REGEVAN PN in South Korea, Tentech Inc. is providing more REGEVAN PN more than 200 hospitals. 10LUX, Expressed Considerable Interest at 2023 Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong, is a device that increases the metabolic activity of mitochondria by irradiating LED light to the scalp

Tentech Inc. is going to unveil their innovative products coming out in 2024: triple lines irradiating HIFU treatment device, the fractional treatment device, and the minimally invasive RF device equipped device.

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