Tentech Inc. Participates in ‘IMCAS World Congress 2024’

Tentech Inc.has announced its participation in ‘IMCAS World Congress 2024’ which takes place from February 1 to 3 at Palais des Congrès de Paris.

According to IMCAS(International Master Course on Aging Science, founded in 1994), “IMCAS is providing medical research conferences for 15,000  to dermatology, plastic surgery and aging science. IMCAS, celebrating its 25th anniversary, focuses on enhancing professional growth in these fields.

Tentech Inc. is exhibiting its products lineup: 400W monopolar RF(Radio Frequency)  device ‘10THERMA’, 2 Line irradiating HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) treatment device ‘10THERA’, IPL(Intense pulsed light) device that use the fractional technology, and ‘10LUX’, a device that increases the metabolic activity of mitochondria by irradiating 5800 LED light to the skin.

Also, Tentech Inc. introduces 2024 upcoming new products: the minimally invasive medical device (Micro Needle RF) and 1927nm fractional treatment device.

Mr. Shin, the global sales representative for Tentech Inc., said “10THERMA has secured U.S. FDA and Taiwan FDA certificates for safety and effectiveness last year. We are pioneering worldwide by starting sales in USA, Taiwan, Southeast Asian countries.” The medical device industry is high potential. At IMCAS Paris, we promote the excellence of our medical devices to the world through meetings with professionals in the dermatology and plastic surgery fields.

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