Tentech Inc. Participated in ICLAS 2024

  • PublishedMay 3, 2024

Tentech Inc., a global medical device manufacturer, announced it participated in 3rd ICLAS(International Conference of Laser, Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery) held at the Berkeley Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, on the 26th, showcasing its medical devices including 10THERMA.

According to the ICLAS website, “ICLAS is an academic organization founded by KALDAT in the Republic of Korea. And it provides a platform for the exchange of cutting-edge research and ideas about the medical industry.” This conference featured approximately 15 Korean companies in the medical industry like Tentech Inc. and attracted approximately 2,000 visitors including dermatologists. Also, it involved exhibitions of the latest medical devices, over 80 lectures, live academy, and the user meeting.

At ICLAS 2024, Tentech Inc. showcased their main products like ’10THERMA’ (400W/6.78MHz, Monopolar RF device) and ’10THERA’ (2 Line Hifu Irradiating) and promoted an upcoming product in 2024, ’10REVIV’, a micro-needle RF device equipped with a cooling system. Additionally, Dr. Seon-Wha Cho (Maylin Clinic, The Hyundai Seoul Branch) gave a lecture titled ’10THERMA, The Radiant Solutions: Harnessing Monopolar RF For Dark Skin Rejuvenation’, which drew significant interest from Southeast dermatologists.

10THERMA is a device that can deliver RF energy to the dermis, generating heat through the skin’s electrical resistance. The monopolar RF treatment of 10THERMA utilizes a mono pole electrode to effectively penetrate heat deep into the skin’s layers. In this advantage, the face tip size of 10THERMA (5㎠) is wider compared to other high-frequency devices, allowing for 20% more energy coverage per shot.

Mr. Han, CEO of Tentech Inc. said “In this international conference, Tentech Inc. concluded and received positive attention from medical professionals.” and he added “Recently, we acquired certifications for 10THERMA and hit the street in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. We plan to focus efforts on marketing and promotional activities targeting Southeast Asian consumers with a big interest in K-beauty.

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