Tentech Inc. Hosts Exclusive Symposium to Unveil Upcoming New Products


Medical device manufacturer Tentech Inc. announced on Monday that it successfully concluded its exclusive symposium titled “A New Era of Monopolar RF & New Series Unpacked” on the 17th at the Sofitel Ambassador Hotel in Jamsil, Seoul, to unveil upcoming new devices in 2024.

On this special day, over 100 diverse attendees, including dermatologists and buyers from 16 countries, participated in the symposium. To kick things off, Tentech Inc., celebrating the upcoming 10th anniversary this year, showcased their introductory video along with the laser show. And then, actress Clara, Tentech Inc. global ambassador, attended this event and expressed gratitude to the participants, officially inaugurating the start of the symposium.

Mr. DongoK Han, the CEO of Tentech Inc., delivered the opening speech, “This event is for our main medical device ’10THERMA’ and our upcoming new medical devices.’ Additionally, Mr. Michael Jung, the Marketing Director of the Marketing Strategy Department, highlighted that in the subsequent opening speech, “10THERMA has surpassed 700 units with its safety and fast efficacy and Tentech Inc. received FDA 510(k) clearance for 10THERMA from the U.S. FDA last year.”

Tentech Inc. also prepared two sessions about 10THERMA : a keynote speech titled ‘Clinical Innovations and Global Health’, 5 KOL panel discussion. At the first, Dr. Nazelia bt Thibroni, a Malaysian speaker, addressed in the speech,”Explaining why patients prefer 10THERMA and the reasons that patients have high satisfaction rates with 10THERMA treatment.Furthermore, during the panel discussion session, led by Dr. Jong-seo Kim(Kim Jong-seo Plastic Surgery Clinic in Apgujeong), 5 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) from three other countries shared their experiences and skills regarding 10THERMA treatments with the audience.

Finally, Tentech symposium has sessions for introducing new upcoming devices in 2024. Mr. Han, the CEO of Tentech Inc., unveiled 10TRIPLE(the enhanced version of 10THERA 2-Line irradiating HIFU treatment device), featuring the world first 3-Line irradiating HIFU device and the specification. Following that, Mr. Kihang Kim, the CTO of Tentech Inc., proceeded with explanations about three products: ’10REVIV’ that is a micro needle RF device with spray cooling technology, ’10THUL’ which utilizes thulium laser wavelengths, and ’10MATRIX’ that is a professional IPL medical device utilizing six wavelengths.

Additionally, Dr. Youngwoo Ro delivered a presentation at Tentech Inc. ‘s upcoming PLLA filler product, ‘Regevan Pure,’ and their PN skin booster, ‘Regevan PN,’ which was launched last September.

Mr. Han expressed his pleasure during this symposium, stating “I am delighted to share the present and future directions of the company.” And then, He also extended his gratitude once again to all those who attended for their participation in this wonderful journey with Tentech inc.

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