Tentech Inc. Hosts a Soft Launch Event in Indonesia

Tentech Inc. announced on Friday that it attended ‘KSDLI 2024(Kelompok Studi Dermatologi Laser Indonesia)’ and hosted a soft launch event for ’10THERA, and ‘10REVIV’ and ‘10LUX’ to attendees at KSDLI 2024 .

KSDLI 2024, held at Hotel Bumi Surabaya in Indonesia, is expected to draw participation from over 50 exhibitors and more than 300 medical professionals from May 11 to 12.

Tentech Inc. hosted a soft launch event for 3 products, including the 2 Line HIFU Irradiating device ’10THERA’, the RF microneedling device with a cooling system ’10REVIV’, and the 5800 LED device that can boost metabolic activity ’10LUX’, on May 11th at KSDLI 2024.

10THERA, utilizing the principle of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), delivers ultrasound heat energy in the targeted area. By delivering high heat to the targeted area, typically the SMAS layer or the dermis, it can stimulate the production of collagen. 10THERA applicator is composed of 2 lines so it contributes to a shorter procedure time.Thus, the satisfaction with the treatment is very high.

10LUX, combined with Low-Level light irradiation technology and infrared (IR) irradiation, is a medical device that can relieve pain and treat skin diseases. 10LUX increases the metabolic activity of mitochondria within cells by irradiating LEDs to the skin. It has the feature of eliciting various responses according to different wavelengths: blue light (415nm), yellow light(590nm), red light (633nm), and IR light (830nm).

10REVIV, one of the upcoming product launches in 2024, is an RF microneedling device with a spray cooling system that is used to improve wrinkles, tone, and more on the skin.This spray cooling system cools the skin during the microneedling process, effectively reducing discomfort and pain for the user.

“A representative for Tentech Inc. stated, ‘Indonesia is the world’s fourth-largest country by population, following India, China, and the United States. By launching Tentech products in Indonesia, we are rapidly expanding our global market share.”

Meanwhile, Tentech Inc. received medical device certification for 10THERA from the Indonesian Ministry of Health (MoH) last month. According to Tentech Inc., the company plans to launch these products soon in Indonesia, incorporating feedback from Indonesian dermatologists at KSDLI 2024: 10THERA, 10REVIV, and 10LUX.

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