Tentech Inc., Holds on a Soft Launch Event for 10THERMA in Vietnam.

Tentech Inc. announced on Tuesday that it held a soft launch event for 10THERMA in Vietnam.
This event took place from Dec 15th to Dec 16th located in 98 nguyen hue street, district 1, 2nd floor. Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam (Dermaster Vietnam). This event is the first showcase for 10THERMA in Vietnam and held to introduce RF skin tightening trends in the world and the excellence of RF device 10THERMA. This event featured several lectures including in ‘Why Is Monopolar RF The Best Solution’ and ‘The Importance of Impedance Matching For Monopolar RF Treatment’ , skin tightening Live demo of 10THERMA, hands on of training for 10THERMA, the talk show with KOL, and Q&A session.
10THERMA is a 400W monopolar RF device which creates high heat to regenerates collagen in dermis in a non-invasive way. Also the impedance matching technology is applied to deliver precise target energy to each individual using this device.
“Through this opportunity, we introduced how to use 10THERMA and advantages of 10THERMA to Vietnamese dermatologists for the first time.” Said one representative for Tentech Inc. “In the soft launch event for 10THERMA, many dermatologists provided us with their feedback. Based on this feedback, we are developing a new marketing strategy for Vietnam and we will kicks off officially its 10THERMA sales at the official 10THERMA Launch event in the upcoming March with 400 dermatologists.“

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