Tentech Inc. Helds on Global Training for 10THERMA

  • PublishedApril 1, 2024

Tentech Inc. announced on Thursday it has held on 10THERMA training workshop for global dermatologists and distributors.

This global training consisted of 2 main sessions: ‘10THERMA’ lecture and Q&A’ by Dr. Jong-seo Kim and a hands-on training session on 10THERMA by Dr. Dowi Kim to help trainees understand how to use 10THERMA effectively.

Dr. Jong-seo Kim,the main doctor of ‘Apgujeong Kim Jong-seo Plastic Surgery Clinic’, explained “10THERMA, applying S.T.C (Smart Temperature Cooling) technology, generates 7 cooling pulses per shot during treatment. It results in less pain and safer treatment compared to other RF devices.” and Dr. Kim emphasized,“Before doctors perform 10THERMA treatments, it is important for them to receive education from experienced and skilled doctors (Key doctors)”

During the hands-on training session, Dr. Kim Do-wi, the main doctor of ‘Hongdae S Reborn Clinic’, demonstrated the overall process of 10THERMA treatment with skillful movements.These processes include precautions and guidance on how to use the 10THERMA handpiece during the treatment.

Dr. Kim Do-wi emphasized “Due to innate factors and external environmental influences, people have different skin conditions (thickness, skin aging progress, and so on). Thus, It is important to find proficient and skilled doctors for 10THERMA treatment.”

’10THERMA’ is a device that can deliver RF energy to the dermis, generating heat through the skin’s electrical resistance. The monopolar RF treatment of ’10THERMA’ utilizes a mono pole electrode to effectively penetrate heat deep into the skin’s layers.

’10THERMA’ is equipped with impedance matching technology that helps adjust precise targeted energy for individuals. Additionally, this treatment is non-invasive, resulting in no downtime and less pain. The face tip size of 10THERMA (5㎠) is wider compared to other high-frequency devices, allowing for 20% more energy coverage per shot.

Meanwhile, Tentech inc is making various efforts such as fostering ‘key doctors’ (doctors who teach other doctors), holding global 10THERMA webinar. It aims to enable domestic and international doctors to use 10THERMA efficiently and effectively.

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