Tentech Inc. helds global training for Southeast Asian dermatologists

  • PublishedNovember 6, 2023

Tentech Inc. helds global training for Southeast Asian dermatologists in Gangnam…

Tentech Inc. has hold 10THERMA training workshop for Southeast Asian dermatologists and distributors on this Wednesday.

This global training workshop took place on November 1st. Southeast Asian dermatologists and distributors, are skilled and experienced in medical device, were invited to Tentech inc.’s clinical center and Banobagi dermatologic clinic in Gangnam. The training workshop involved in two sessions: a lecture about ‘RF(Radiofrequency) treatment Mechanism with 10THERMA and ‘hands on’ training of ‘10THERMA’ and ‘10THERA’.

At the first, there was a lecture about ‘RF(Radiofrequency) treatment Mechanism with 10THERMA. Dr.BAN, the guest speaker and Dermatologist of Banobagi dermatologic clinic, explained to audiences “10THERMA is one of monopolar RF devices, which deliver energy wave to heat. This RF energy penetrates deeply into the dermis, affecting a larger area beyond the immediate treatment site. Therefore, this heat stimulates the production of collagen. It results in similar effects with Thermage” And then, he added “S.T.C cooling system adapted to 10THERMA can be a safety role of 10THERMA for the skin under the treatment. It is able to minimize heat collision and prevent burn.”

One of Tentech Inc.’s medical skill trainers said “During this hands on training session with 10THERMA and 10THERA, proficient dermatologists from Southeast Asia learned how to use ‘400W monopolar RF’ 10THERMA and ‘Double Line HIFU’ 10THERA.” And she mentioned additionally “Especially, they were enthusiastic during 10THERMA demonstration. In near future, they will disseminate their knowledge and how to use 10THERMA to other dermatologists in Southeast Asia.

An official for Tentech Inc. said “Recently, ‘Thanks to K-Beauty and K-Contents, Southeast Asian people prefer to K-beauty experience that Korean women enjoy. There are experience like skin lifting, plastic surgery, eyelash treatment and so on. For this reason, they are getting more and more interested in 10THERMA..”

Meanwhile, Tentech Inc. had hold launch event in Malaysia in the last September. Tentech Inc. aimed to sell over 100 units in only 4 Countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine) until next year.

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