Tentech Inc. completes obtaining approval for use of ‘10THERA’ as a medica’;…

[Medical Today = Reporter Junsu Kim] Tentech announced on the 2nd of March

that it has obtained approval for use of medical devices from the

Iranian Ministry of Health, following domestic approval of Tenthera,

a 2Line HIFU device, and European CE MDD.

A Tentech official said, “Since the launch of the 2Line HIFU,

Tenthera has been steadily increasing domestic sales, and overseas exports are

expected to increase steadily thanks to this approval from the Iranian Ministry of Health.”

So far, Tentech has signed exclusive contracts with 20 countries including Japan, Taiwan,

Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Thailand, Romania, Moldova,

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

In addition, regarding ‘Tentherma’ scheduled to be released in Korea in April next year,

a Tentech official said, “Accoriding to pre-clinical comparison to Thermage FLX

conducted at the Department of Dermatology at Gachon University, the collagen

production level for the first month increased by 11% points from 46% to 57%

for Thermage FLX, whereas “Tentherma increased by 15% points from 45% to 60%.”

Tentherma evaded all patents of Thermage FLX, and currently has eight international

patents pending. When the US FDA and European CE has been approved,

it is expected that significant sales will take place not only in Korea but also abroad.

CEO RO Young Woo said, “Based on its own technology, Tentech aims to grow into

a world-leading dermatological laser manufacturer beyond Korea, and will grow

into a dermatology-specialized company that manufactures botox, fillers, and boosting products.”

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