Tentech Inc. (CEO Young Woo Ro) announced that it has signed a distributor

  • PublishedOctober 16, 2023

Tentech Inc. (CEO Young Woo Ro) announced that it has signed a distributor

Tentech Inc., the manufacturer of World’s First 2 Line HIFU 10THERA, announced that it will launch 10THERMA, a 5th Generation Radio-frequency skin tightening device in the second half of this year.

Tentech works with variety of products related to dermatology, and plans to finalize products in the fields of laser, filler, Botox, growth factor cell therapy, and stem cells to become the world’s No. 1 beauty healthcare company.

Tentech’s dermatological lineup includes ‘10THERA’, World’s First 2 Line HIFU, ‘10PL’, Korea’s First Fractional IPL, and ‘10CELL’, a CO2 fractional laser equipped with a Synrad 30W metal tube.

In addition, the development of the 5th generation Radio-frequency device called 10THERMA has been completed and will be approved for medical device in South Korea by the end of this year.

A company official states, “One Thera, an ultrasound beauty device for aesthetic salons and spa, has been recognized for its technology by selling over 600 units within 8 months of its launch, and overseas exports are also increasing, signing distributorship in the Eastern area of the United States. ‘Ten Hi’, a radio-frequency device for salons is also displaying strong number of sales in Korea as well as exports. ‘10Sono’, an LDM beauty device is also scheduled to be launched around June this year.”

‘Dr. Oracle LED Mask’, a home use beauty device, consists of 4,500 LEDs which is adjusted to the amount of light reaching the skin to 5J and 10J in accordance to the Arndt-Shulz Rule. Compared to the existing high-cost LED masks which has about 1,000 LEDs, it is evaluated that Dr. Oracle LED Mask has comparatively high amount of light.

‘Regevan Cream’, which will be launched as a cosmetic product in February contains 40ppm of growth factors EGF, FGF2, and KGF2.

Tentech has its own hyaluronic acid filler brand as well. The monophasic fillers includes 3 types: ‘Tone Up Fill’, ‘Rhino Fill’, and ‘Fine Fill’. Currently registering for CE and NMPA, the fillers are exported to various countries.

Tentech’s PDO thread, ‘10Cog’ is something to look at as well. 10Cog is an asymmetrical bi-directional cog thread, designed for simple and easy to procedure. A noticeable feature is its ultrasound processed molding technique which results in a sturdier and longer lasting thread compared to the traditional thermally processed threads.

Tentech Inc., a subsidiary of Oracle Medical Group, aims to become the world’s top beauty healthcare company by listing on the KOSDAQ, the Korean stock market next spring, and expanding its business to Botox, growth factor cell therapy, and stem cell field.

Oracle Medical Group currently has 80 dermatology clinics and 10 Dr. Oracle skin care shops around the world. Its subsidiaries include medical and beauty device manufacturer, ‘Tentech’, a manufacturing sales company ‘Oracle Cosmetics’, chart software development company, ‘Tensoft’, and consumables sales company, ‘Dermamall’.

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