Tentech Inc. acquires European ‘CE MDD license’ for 10 THERA

  • PublishedOctober 16, 2023

Tentech Inc. acquires European ‘CE MDD license’ for 10 THERA

Tentech inc. announced that it has obtained the European CE MDD license following the domestic license for 10THERA, a 2-line HIFU equipment.

Tentech inc. ‘s official said, “It can be considered a splendid achievement to have once again been recognized for the efficacy and stability of the equipment by obtaining European licenses, which are reputed to be difficult. The contract was previously signed, and agencies in countries including Taiwan, Mexico, Iran, and Romania are in the process of obtaining licenses for each country.” “We are also negotiating exclusive contracts with Japan, Thailand, Brazil, Canada, Greece, and Belgium, so we plan to export to more than 30 countries within a few months.”

In addition, Dr. Oracle LED mask, a household beauty device, is equipped with 4500 LEDs compared to other products that generally have 1000 lamps, so the amount of light reaching the skin is adjusted to 5J and 10J. Dr. Oracle’s LED mask is also preparing for approval as a medical device. It is currently being sold steadily at home shopping in the United States.

An official from Tentech Inc. said, “Exports of One THERA are also increasing and are being exported to Iran, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, Chile, Armenia, India, the United States, Australia, Lithuania, Greece, Azerbaijan and Turkey.”

Tentech Inc,, a subsidiary of Oracle Medical Group, aims to be listed on the KOSDAQ in the second half of next year based on its performance in the first half of next year. It has subsidiaries such as Derma Mall and Inshop, an influencer platform.

Oracle Medical Group has over 80 dermatology clinics around the world and 10 Dr. Oracle skin care shops in China. It plans to open 10 hospitals in Korea and abroad this year, including Kazakhstan and Mexico.

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