Tentech Inc. 10THERMA Launch Event in Malaysia

  • PublishedOctober 16, 2023

Tentech Inc. 10THERMA Launch Event in Malaysia

 Tentech Inc. announced on Tuesday that it kicked off ‘10THEMRA’ exports to Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine) at 10THERMA launch event that approximately 300 dermatologists participated in.

 10THERMA is a monopolar RF device which creates high heat to regenerates collagen in the dermis in a non- invasive way.

 This event took place at the Park Royal Collection Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on September 25. This event involved two lectures on the topic: ‘Unlocking Collagen’s Potential.’

Dr. Jang, as a director of Cheongdam Oracle Clinic, delivered to attendees “10THTERMA’s effect is immediate in comparison with ‘Thermage’” in the first lecture named as ‘Monopolar RF in Clinical Dermatology’.

 Prof. Lee, assistant professor of Yonsei university college of medicine, explained “As 10THERMA is RF monopolar device, it showed a significant effect on skin tightening and improvement of wrinkles in ‘A Split-face Study’ when compared to Themage FLX” in the second lecture named as ‘Recent Advance in Anti-aging Treatment and Current Use of Monopolar RF’.

 A representative for Tentech Inc. said “participants had high attention for 10THERMA through the launch event” and added “We expect to sell at least 100 units in the Southeast Asian market by next year”.

 On the other hand, Tentech Inc. has recently entered into an exclusive agreement with a new distributor that will serve 10THERMA in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine) on last August.

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