Tentech Inc., 10THERMA Exceeded 200 Cumulative Domestic Sales within 6 months of Launch

  • PublishedOctober 16, 2023

Tentech Inc., 10THERMA Exceeded 200 Cumulative Domestic Sales within 6 months of Launch

Tentech (CEO Han Dong-ok) announced on the 1st that the cumulative sales volume in Korea exceeded 200 units in 6 months after the release of Tentherma.

The reason why more than 200 units of high-priced domestic equipment were sold is that consumers, dermatologists, have become more discerning about equipment selection and purchase them after carefully comparing and analyzing the performance and features of equipment rather than brands, which is why the trend has changed.

Tentherma is a device that regenerates collagen by applying heat to the skin. Tentherma has a tip size of 5 cm2, which is 20% larger than the existing equipment, and 20% more energy goes in, resulting in more collagen production, the company explained. Another advantage was that the pain during the procedure was reduced by lowering the temperature of the epidermis by spray cooling 7 times per shot, and that the targeted energy could be equally injected by applying the impedance matching technology, which is the core of high-frequency equipment. .

Contracts for overseas export of  Tentherma are also underway. China is negotiating exclusive contracts with leading conglomerates, and Japan is selling by establishing a branch directly. The company explained that it has signed contracts with influential companies in Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, and Iran, plans to sign contracts with companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brazil, and is negotiating exclusive contracts with major US companies.

In addition, the 2-line HIFU  Tenthera also exceeded 300 units in cumulative sales and signed exclusive contracts with leading overseas companies to expect sales increase.

Tentech’s medical equipment includes fractional IPL, 10PL, CO2 fractional laser, 10cell, LED equipment, Tenlux, and Regevan LED mask. As for beauty equipment, there are HIFU equipment Onethera, high frequency equipment TenHI, ultrasonic equipment 10Sono, and HIFU equipment Lipothera.

5 types of Regevan Fill, which is a hyaluronic acid filler, and 10mono, including patented asymmetric cog threads, have also been released and are on sale. As for cosmetics, there are Regevan Cream containing growth factors, Alocare Ampoule, and Nanobubble Solution.

​As for medical device equipment to be released, the high frequency lineup will be strengthened with 10 needles, which is RF needle, and laser lineups such as 10CO, which is the highest specification Co2 laser, and 10QND, which is a Q-switch and DYA laser, will be strengthened

“We achieved sales of 11.3 billion won in 2022, and in 2023, we are expected to achieve sales growth as overseas sales increase in earnest after acquiring Tentherma FDA.” We are preparing for the goal,” said an official from Tentech.

Reporter Park Hye-sun.

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