Tentech Inc., 10THERA’s Domestic Sales Hit Record over 400 Units Since Release.

Tentech Inc. said 10THERA has surpassed over 400 domestic unit sales on Wednesday.

10THERA is HIFU(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatment device for skin tightening. HIFU treatment makes SMAS(Superficial muscular aponeurotic system) layer deliver high heat and create collagen. 10thera’s only 1 shot is twice as effective as other HIFU devices.

HIFU treatment of 10THERA shows that patients have a high level of satisfaction after the medical procedure. Thus, people can get back to their daily life without recovering period.

Tentech Inc. announced “10THERA, which is HIFU Device for Skin tightening, has surpassed over 400 Units Sold in The Domestic Market”, and ” Now, we are exporting to over 30 countries.”

  In addition, ‘10THERMA, Tentech Inc.’s another medical device of ‘Monopolar RF (Monopolar radio-frequency )’, has exceeded over 400 unit sales in first 9 months since it was released.

 Brand model Myung Se-Bin, was selected by Tentech, is standing in front of 10THERA

 Meanwhile, Tentech Inc. officially stated that the company selected Myun -Se Bin as a new model. She will participate in various marketing events as well.

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