Tentech inc. 10 THERA, attracting 2 billion won investment with a value of …

  • PublishedOctober 16, 2023

Tentech inc. 10 THERA, attracting 2 billion won investment with a value of …

Tentech Inc. (CEO Ro Young Woo) announced that it has completed attracting 2 billion won in investment with a value of 50 billion won and signed a contract with NH Securities to host the listing. Tentech inc. plans to list on the KOSDAQ in the second half of next year based on its performance in the first half of next year.

An official from Tentech Tensera said, “Tentech, which has been recognized for its technological prowess by developing the 2nd-line Tensera, the first 2nd generation hi-fu equipment in Korea, plans to launch 10 Therma, a high-frequency elastic equipment, in the second half of this year.” However, in order to become the world’s No. 1 beauty healthcare company, we plan to expand our products to include lasers, fillers, botox, growth factor cell therapy, and stem cells.”

Currently, Tentech inc’s dermatological products include Korea’s first 2-line HIFU IN 10 THERA, fractional IPL 10PL, and CO2 fractional laser 10 Cell equipped with a synard 30w metal tube. The development of 10 THERMA, a high-frequency device, has been completed and is expected to receive domestic medical device approval at the end of this year. When 10THERMA is launched, the company believes that the game will change in the lifting market.

In addition, the Dr. Oracle LED mask, a household beauty device, is equipped with 4500 lamps to match the actual amount of light reaching the skin to 5J and 10J in accordance with the Antschultz Law. Dr. Oracle’s LED mask is also preparing for approval as a medical device. Tentech Inc. also has filler products. There are three types of monophasic fillers, tone-up peel, lino-fill, and fine-fill, and they have received CE approval.

Tentech Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Oracle Medical Group, aims to become a top global beauty healthcare company by listing on the KOSDAQ in the fall of next year and expanding its business to botox, growth factor cell therapy, and stem cell fields.

It has subsidiaries such as Tentech Inc., a laser manufacturer, Oracle Cosmetics, a cosmetics manufacturer and distributor, Tensoft, an electronic chart development company, Derma Mall, a consumables distributor, and InShop, an influencer platform. Oracle Medical Group has over 80 dermatology clinics around the world and 10 Dr. Oracle skin care shops in China. It plans to open nine hospitals in Korea and abroad this year, including Kazakhstan and Mexico.

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