Tentech inc., $10 million contract to export ’10THERA’ to Russia

  • PublishedOctober 16, 2023

Tentech Inc. (CEO Ro Young Woo) announced that it had signed an exclusive copyright contract for 10THERA, a 2-line HIFU, in Russia.

The party to the copyright contract is Russia’s Umedic, a company that specializes in distributing beauty-related medical devices, and the export contract is known to be about $10 million. In addition, copyright agreements with Thailand, Romania, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden have been completed.

Currently, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Thailand, Romania, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, and Sweden are 16 countries that have signed overseas distribution rights contracts. It is expected to be exported to 30 countries within this year.

Tentech Inc. has been recognized for its technological prowess by selling 800 units within a year after launching One THERA, an ultrasonic equipment for management offices.

Overseas exports of One THERA are also increasing. In addition, the management office equipment 10 Sono is scheduled to be launched in September. It is an LDM equipment incorporating microbubble ultrasound technology. Rijevan Cream, a growth factor cosmetic containing EGF, FGF2, and KGF2, is also in the process of signing an exclusive overseas contract.

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