HIFU 10THERA, Taiwan Copyright Agreement, Spurring Overseas Exports

  • PublishedOctober 16, 2023

HIFU 10THERA, Taiwan Copyright Agreement, Spurring Overseas Exports

Tentech Inc. (CEO Ro Young Woo) announced that it has signed a copyright contract in Taiwan, following the Mexico, Iran, and Singapore rights of 10Thera, the second-line HIFU.

The copyright contracting party is Taiwan’s Dermacare, a company with sales power in Taiwan that owns Korea’s Hugel Filler and Botox rights and distributes lasers.

Commax Beauty, a Mexican 10Thera copyright contracting company, is a Korean company that has established itself in Mexico as a company that exclusively sells Korean implants to Mexico.

Lahara Group, an Iranian copyright contracting company, and Medicare, a Singapore copyright company, will also proceed with licensing in Iran and Singapore as soon as the CE approval of Tensera is expected in March. Ten countries are negotiating 10Thera’s copyright contracts, and if 10Thera’s CE approval is issued, the contract is expected to accelerate.

Tentech has been recognized for its technological prowess by selling 600 units within 8 months after launching One Thera, an ultrasonic equipment for management offices last year. In addition, sales of Ten Hi, a high-frequency equipment for management offices, are continuously increasing.

Tentech posted sales of 4.2 billion won and net profit of 100 million won last year thanks to strong sales of One Thera. In addition, it is targeting a net profit of 6.6 billion won.

Tentech Co., Ltd., which is preparing to be listed on the KOSDAQ next year, plans to attract Series A investment in the spring of this year and invest it in the development of innovative high-frequency equipment and growth factor cosmetic

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