10THERA Sets New Sales Record :500 Units

Tentech Inc. announced that sales of the 10THERA, a 2-Line HIFU treatment device, have surpassed 500 units since its release.

10THERA is a non-invasive HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) medical device certified by the KFDA (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of the Republic of Korea). It primarily penetrates targeted areas within the dermis and SMAS layer (muscular aponeurotic system) without damaging the skin. By delivering high levels of heat energy, it stimulates collagen production. As a result, 10THERA can bring about effects such as increased skin elasticity, improvement in facial contour, and reduction of wrinkles.10THERA applicator is composed of 2 lines so it contributes to a shorter procedure time.

A representative for Tentech Inc. said “With the increasing interest in anti-aging, demands for non-invasive procedures are higher than before in the hospital. So many hospitals are inquiring HIFU devices like 10THERA ” and then, he added “This trend in the wolrd has contributed to hitting 500 unit sold.”
Additionally, he mentioned, “We plan to launch the successor model of 10THERA, named ’10TRIPLE (Triple Line ),’ in the summer.”

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